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It was towards the ending of the 19th century that the slot machine came into existence. It was developed by Charles Fey in the year 1887. He was born n the year 1862 as the 16th child of the family. Being captivated by the mechanical devices, he went to the United States where he got a job in the California Electric Works Company located in San Francisco.

The history continues

During this time, Fey spent his leisure in building up a game machine that is operated with a coin. It was in the 1887 that he completed this project. During this time also there was the outbreak of tuberculosis which killed a number of people. This did not deterred Fey in bringing his project to a conclusion. The completion of Fey's work marked the beginning of slot machine.

Fey's machine in principle was not different from the machines we have today but his slot machine differs from what we have today in some physical outlook. The slot machines we have today are more complex than his.

Just as in today's slot machine a player emerges the winner if he gets the right combination of icons on the slot machine. Fey machine came with a lever, 3 reel which have 10 symbols that are different. The game was begun by a player with the lever. A player was also paid out when the right symbols appeared on the reel. For instance, if the symbols were three bells, the player will get some payout.

It was from this machine that other slot machines models such as fruit slot machine were developed. His machine will ever be remembered thanks to numerous versions of slot machines that are being produced after his own prototype. As new brands are being produced these days, Fey's machine continued to fascinate gamblers.

How the game is played

In slot machine the objective of a player will be to arrange the symbols on the reel. The player will emerge victorious if his symbols are the same with the combination of symbols that wins.

There is a specific payout meant for each of the symbols. The payout for each symbol is indicated on the machine. A player is also supposed to run his bankroll very well so that he will be able to play more games with the available funds.

You will get the minimum stake for the game at the upper right side of the slot machine's screen. If the symbols that you have selected are in line with the symbols that win you will be paid out accordingly.

You are also entitled to some bonus if you are playing on a slot machine that offers bonus but that depends on your combination of symbols.

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