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Play and run strategy is so called because you need to leave a machine when it is not profiting you. You can only remain in a slot machine if the machine is giving the desired result. There is no emotionality in the application of this strategy. Play and run remains the best option for all gamblers when you wager the minimum amount in order to discover the best slot machine that will give you the best result.

Naked Pulls and then Loss are two important concepts that you need to understand before you can apply this strategy. A spin which does not win is referred to as naked pull. It is left for a slot player to decide on the number of spin he has to make before leaving a machine if it does not give any desirable result. Loss limit refers to the percentage of your account that you are ready to forfeit before leaving a machine if no favourable result is produced.

Your interest will be safeguarded within the interval between the naked pull and loss limit. This means that you are not going to wager a lot of money in a machine that gives nothing.

The basics

This strategy is meant for gamblers who do not have enough funds in their account. In order to apply this strategy, you share your bankroll among the individual slot machines that are available. For example, if your bankroll is $50, you can divide it among ten machines or ten sessions each getting $10.

Then decide on your naked pull as well as the loss limit. While deciding on your bankroll you have to be very realistic and conservative about it. As a matter of necessity, you have to stick to your decision. Owing to your bankroll which is low, it is advisable for you to opt for machines that have the lowest minimum bets. Always wager with a coin. In this strategy you have to maintain your bet even when you are winning. It does not allow you to increase your bet for any reason. You must always stake one coin.

The maximum spin you are expected to make in play and run strategy is 20 spins. Once you reach 20 spin leave the machine. As you are spinning, there is need for you to keep an eye in your naked pull and loss limit. When you are through with the 20 spins and the loss limit has not been reached, you should as well leave the machine. But you can continue with the machine if have gotten to 20 spin but you have to change the session after cashing out your earning.

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