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To begin with, it goes without saying that symbols appear to be indispensable part of any slot machine. Moreover, all types of slots are sure to have different symbols on their reels. Actually, symbols are likely to define the theme of this or that slot machine.

Besides, it must be taken into consideration that there are 3 main categories of symbols in slots. They are scatter symbols, wild symbols and all the rest. If you read the information below, you will understand why scatter and wild symbols are of such considerable importance for the game.

Scatter Symbols

Almost all scatter symbols are likely to be directly connected with the theme of this or that slot machine Slots. For example, if the subject of the game is connected with pirates, Jolly Roger can be a scatter symbol.

In fact, scatter symbols turn out to be extremely useful for gamblers as they happen to increase their chances for winning sufficient amounts of money.

It should be mentioned that one of the specific features of scatter symbols is that they should not stand in one payline in order to form a winning combination. In other words, their location on the reels is of no importance. If 3 scatter symbols happen to emerge on the reels, a casino player is sure to win.

Another peculiarity of the scatter symbols is that unlike the rest of the symbols, they cannot be replaced by the wild symbols.

Wild Symbols

It must be noted that wild symbols are likely to be utilized in the majority of new slot machines. Virtually, wild symbol can be compared with a Joker in cards. It can substitute any symbol except scatter one in order to form a winning set of symbols.

In addition, it must be taken into account that wild symbol can multiply your payouts. Consequently, you have a possibility to get payouts in 2 or 3 times bigger than usual.

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