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Slot is a game governed by rules. In the light of the above, before starting a game you need to first read the rules. When you take a look at slot rules you will notice that slot machine has its own slangs which you must understand before playing the game.

Pay table

Among the important aspect of slot game is the chart also known as the paytable. The chart is given always close to the slot machines. The chart contains all the necessary information about each slot's payout. It will also indicate the percentage to be won by a player according to the coins wagered.

Prior before the existence of the internet, the chart was always pasted by the corner of the slot machine in the land based casino. This showed the winning combination of symbols also. But this is not the case with internet slot machine. In this case you have to click at a button. On clicking the button the chart will come out.

Pay line

In the land based slot the chart is always three and this does not present any problem. You will understand it immediately by looking at it. But in the internet casinos, there is no end to the number of combinations that can be available. It is possible to have more than 40 varying winning combinations. This means that you can stake several coins on the lines that you have chosen.

There are quite a good number of lines also. The multiple lines can be vertical as well as horizontal. It can also run zigzag or diagonal also. The fact remains that the chart of slot machine will be as complex as the number of reels available on the slot. The more the number of reel a slot machine has the more the number of winning combination it will have. The more the number of combination a slot has the more complex the slots chart will be.

There are infinite chances as regards the combinations of symbols that win in Video as well as internet slot. The slots machines in these medium have multiple paylines counting up to 40. You are also allowed to wager several coins on the lines that you have chosen. Here the payline can be zigzag as well as diagonal.

They also run vertical and also horizontal. Bonus icons are available on slots played through these mediums. Wild symbol is another type of symbol that you can have in Video or internet slot. In order to eliminate confusion that might occur due to the multiple paylines. The screens of the Video slots are always perfect.

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