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Squirrel strategy is more accommodating than chicken strategy. It gives you more chances to play for some time in a machine that gives the desirable results. In this strategy, you are expected to imitate the squirrel by accumulating your earnings. The gain that comes out of it will elevate the fund in your account.


In the squirrel strategy, you have to remain in the hot machines - those machines that give the desired result. The essence is for you to make maximum gain from the machine. This is quite different from chicken strategy. At the end of the game, you will get back your wagering amount plus your winning.

It will be good to illustrate this strategy with some example. Let use $30 as the initial wagering amount that you have mapped out for each slot machine. Before you start the game you need to decide on the manner you will bet.

When you observe that a particular machine where you spinning is giving better result, you have to then imitate the squirrel by remaining in the machine in order to suck the machine and then increase your bankroll.

In the squirrel strategy, you are expected to add your profit to the bankroll. But before you do that, you have to keep your initial funds and credits. What is left is what is added to your deposit in order to increase it. This action makes it possible for you to save your earning and also make more.

When a session is over, you have to continue in the same machine for another session. You will continue with the machine as long as you are winning. Always save at least 50% of your earning. But when your initial wagering amount goes, this is the time to leave the machine for another one.

Things to remember

You should bear in mind that squirrel strategy is designed for those who have low bankroll and those who are conservative when it comes to betting. However, high rollers can also apply this strategy maintaining the same guidelines stated above. The only thing you should bear in mind is that your betting amount should be huger now.

Another thing that you should remember is that when you are not making any gain from a machine, you have to go away from the machine and play with another machine. This is where this strategy resembles chicken strategy. But on no account should you leave a machine that gives enough money. Follow the example of a squirrel in increasing your funds.

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